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Fly Tying 

Fly fishing has always been more than just catching fish. For some It's a commune with nature, others a getaway and for many an addiction.


What better way to feed your addiction than tying your own flies? Some even prefer tying to fishing. The excitement I get from a fish caught on one of my flies, I can't get with purchased flies. I've heard said that "Once you catch a fish on a fly you tied, you're the one that's hooked".

Tying looks more complicated than it actually is. Anyone can tie flies and with a little practice, and do it well. Fly tying is the perfect activity for inclement weather or anytime you just can't get to the river. There are thousands of how-to videos, countless fly patterns and recipes available for the asking on the internet. It seems fly fishers just can't keep a secret. We seem to enjoy sharing as much as fishing. 


For example, the Feather Bender and Anglers on Line (AOL) both offer free fly tying lessons that can transform beginners to accomplish fly tyers. Combined with TVFF’s fly tying sessions you’ll be tying your own flies in no time.


Need a good carp fly pattern? The IFFF Fly Tying Group has assembled a searchable video library containing most if not all of the best fly tying videos in one place. Flies are categorized by Cold, Salt or Warm water and subcategorized by species making the task of finding the perfect fly pattern a lot easier. There’s even a section on tying techniques.


You’ll both the Feather Bender and AOL fly tying lessons and the IFFF Database on the Menu bar under Fly Tying.


Fly tying is fun and relaxing, join us for our tying sessions the 2nd and 4th Thursdays. There is a slight charge (usually$2) to cover cost of materials and tying kits are available for use at no charge. All skill levels are welcomed.

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